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Your creation matters

Most of our clients decide to fire and glaze the creation after the pottery workshop. It takes at least 2-3 weeks for your creation to go through the process. We are working hard to keep your creation in order and identify them when you arrange a collection. Please follow the pickup instruction below. 

Pottery Creations


Ensure you have a picture

Send a picture of the pots you wish to collect with the number ticket can be seen inside to this email:


Warehouse check

Our warehouse staff will check your creations whether it is ready and respond with a link for you to book a collection date/time. Sadly, the warehouse can only keep any creations for 60 days. 

Pottery Items
Japanese Calendar


Book a date 

Simply book the date you are free to come in for your collection.


Warehouse delivers the creations to the studio

Your creation will be delivered on the day you booked to the studio. *Warehouse will not deliver unless you book the appointment and have sent a clear picture of the creation.

Team of Couriers

*The studio can not offer any creations to the person who comes to collect without a picture & number reference that matches the creations, as some creations have similar appearances. If the item was over 60 days old after the event, it would be kindly offered to charity.

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