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[BYOB EVENT]-Ultimate Pottery Experience

The Pottery Session you will enjoy every minute from the making to the painting.

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 46 British pounds
  • Token Studio

Service Description

You might have heard about this must-go pottery place in London already, our pottery experience is one of our most popular workshops in London. This is an absolutely fun-based pottery session, for those who have or have not done pottery, it is always going to be a brand-new experience. This experience covers all the essential parts you need to create a complete pottery artwork. A little head-start about this workshop: -To start the workshop you will be introduced to dressing in aprons, opening your bottle and finding a wheel station, our wheels are designed for standing position. -During the first part of the session, you will be directed to create a pot on the pottery wheel. - A firing process will be introduced and operated by yourself so your pot will be moved from the wheel to the hand-building session. - Within the hand-building session, you will be able to adjust the design, mould the pot to a new shape, and add attachments such as handles, in order to perfect your creation to something usable, and more creative. -The studio offers multiple sets of tools and extra clay for whatever the creativity needs -Then, you can enjoy a painting session for the pot you create, to complete the artwork by adding your final touch. You will be introduced to our range of glaze, which is the paint works on pottery, however, the most misunderstanding people have about the glaze is the colour, they look very different before and after the firing process. Please be aware, the glaze will change colour only in the fire. -In the end, you can take your creation home free of charge or you can leave it to the studio to process the firing with additional glaze. If you did decide to fire & glaze your creation, a nonrefundable 10 pounds per item is going to be charged. -If you are going to fire and glaze your creation in the studio, we will request you to take pictures of them with the glazing tickets inside in order to locate them when you pick them up. -The processing time for all firing and glazing is 2 weeks, pickup is arranged by appointment only.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

-Please provide your own cups for BYOB -Clients will take responsibility for their behaviour in the studio in regard to their safety. As this is a working studio and there are dangers such as blow torches and heavy machinery. -Please note, We can not offer any refunds, cancellations, rescheduling or transferring if your vouchers are not issued from our website. Once this confirmation has been sent under any circumstance, your booking can not be changed. -Any change to the booking once confirmed will result in a £15 per person admin fee for the studio’s peak slots. -As a lot of our sessions are BYOB, the studio has the right to deny service or entry at any time due to bad behaviour as well as the right to reject any client at any time. This would result in immediate forfeiture of tickets and any rights associated with the ticket including a refund. -Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the appointed time for the door check, the studio WILL NOT be able to allow you to join the session when you arrive 10 minutes late due to health and safety induction. As this is a ticketed event, all workshops/parties/events will start at the time stated on your booking. -Clients must give 48 hours' notice of any cancellation. If sufficient notice is not given then this would mean forfeiture of your ticket or a £15 per person rescheduling fee -If you are in a group, please make sure you have all your members before the door closes. If anyone in the group did not arrive we will not allow you to join the session as late attendees are very disruptive to other clients in the session as well as the session after yours. -Once you have booked in, the final confirmation of your booking and can only be changed at the behest of the studio. All tickets are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-changeable and cannot be refunded in the event of a force majeure from either the studio or the client. -Please note that all glazing services are non-refundable under any circumstance, even in the event of an explosion as this damages the kiln and other people's pots and the studio will take the cost of any damage done to the kiln as well as other people's pots. -When glazing is purchased, please be aware that it is the clients responsibility to pick up their pieces by arranging this with And we only keep the pots 60 days. If clients do not pick up after 60 days then it is the responsibility of the studio to relocate these pots to a charity of their choice and will take the costs involved in this making this a non-refundable matter. We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Contact Details

  • 23 Mill Street, London, UK

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