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We have recently developed this very fun one off experimental workshop for people who are interested in drawing and playing with colours. We deeply believe if you are new to Art you would love to have more insight in what tools you might willing to buy before jumping into a supply shop and wasting a lot of money on equipment you don't need. Most importantly, we are living in colours and shapes, they can't be pulled apart from each other. We would love you to get the idea of Art in this complete package.



We recommend this class is taken over weekly based sessions until you are happy about your skills, but you can come along to this ‘taster’ session first to find out if you like it. Over the course you will be encouraged to free up your mind about Art, from exploring what you enjoy drawing and sketching, playing with watercolor and building up general ideas about art foundation. Throughout the course you will be developing skills according to your interests, researching artists, illustrators and designers. At the same time, you will end up with series of drawings, sketchings and watercolour paintings, with a lot new ideas of how to create your own artworks.


Is this class right for you? This is a great class for anyone with a keen interest in art. Art comes in many different forms, this workshop is great way for you to explore all the medias and techniques you can use to start your own artwork.

Sketching, Drawing, Watercolour Workshop

  • 1, All classes and workshops have to be booked minimum two days in advance; Payment must be done before attending.

    2, We might not be able to guarantee urgent booking, especially for party reservations;

    3, If you have a voucher, please make sure you redeem your voucher with us before place your booking. If your voucher is expired, contact the website which provided the voucher to get refund or extension.

    4, For all bookings, you must notify us of a cancellation or any changes to the number of guests at least 24 hours before your appointment. We are sorry to not be able to refund your payment if you did not cancel your space.

    5, Please arrive on time, if you are late more than 15 mins, you might not able to join the workshop which already started with other clients.


    Thank you very much for your understanding, wish you enjoy our class and workshop!

  • This Workshop is often booked as a party or private event, there are a few points you need to know if you would like us to host a party/ event for you.


    1. There is no extra charge for party booking, only if you would like us to travel to your appointed venue, there will be transportation cost.
    2. The minimum number of people for party booking is 10, we can host up to 40 people in our own venue
    3. Party booking must be informed minimum 2-3 weeks in advance to make sure the studio can arrange materials, space and equipment for your party, there is always a possibility for urgent booking but we can not promise you can get the space for sure.
    4. All party drinks and refreshments are welcome to bring your own, if you would like to decorate the space, you can also let us know so we can plan some time for you to come in to decorate. 
    5. As soon as the booking is signed up as party booking in our system, we will make sure there won't be any other clients join your experience without your permission. 


    We have six years of event hosting experience that you can trust and without doubt, you will have a great time.