Token Studio Silver Membership Subscription

-Last chance to get the Sale price, the discount ends on the 1st of February-   

  1. The subscription starts from your purchased dates and ends one calendar month after, eg, your purchased date is 12/03/2018, it will end on 12/04/2018. However, when you purchase your membership, you can also let us know which month you would like to use it, we will start your membership in your pointed month and date. If you would like to purchase more than one month, you can simply update the number of purchases. 
  2. Once your subscription come through, you can start your booking, simply reply to the email of list classes we send you, the class name, date and time, we will book your in, at your first attendance, your membership card will be handed. We will send timetable out every two weeks, you will always receive timetable only two weeks in advance to allow booking.
  3. Your Silver membership card only works from Monday to Friday, if you would also want to attend weekend sessions, you can find more details on the Gold Membership Subscription. Each session is assigned with time and date, booking 24 hours in advance is requested. 
  4. On your membership card, there will be two vouchers included, you can invite two guests in any of the workshops which last 90 minutes(most of our workshops), we do not recommend members bring the guest in the workshops need more than one session to complete to avoid disappointments. Please do let us know in advance, otherwise, we can not promise space will be available. 
  5. There is no cancellation period of your membership, we do not take direct debit from your bank account, there will be only one-off payment for your subscription. We can not offer a refund once you start your subscription. 
  6. The membership is only allowed for yourself, you can not transfer membership to other people to use, however you can offer the membership as a gift.
  7. 10% discount will apply to all our shop products, drinks and gift vouchers, please show your membership card to our staff when you purchase from our shop.

Silver Membership Subscription

£128.00 Regular Price
£98.00Sale Price
  • 1, Once you start your membership workshops we do not offer a refund, you can always name your activation date,  as soon as the date is confirmed, we can not change it anymore. 


    2, You will be offered two vouchers for inviting guests in free of charge to attend any of our 90 Minutes workshop, two of your guest vouchers cannot be used at the same time, if you would like to invite a guest in you must book the space in 48 hours in advance to ensure there is space available. 


    3, In the studio, classes and workshops are hosted in Groups and one session after the other, if your or your guest late more than 15 minutes after the workshop started, we won't be able to allowed to join in the workshop as well the guest voucher will not be vailed to use again.


    3, If any reason you would like to cancel your membership before you activate it, we are happy to offer a full refund via PayPal or bank transfer, Please be aware that Paypal might take a certain percentage on each transaction, we can not refund more than the amount shows on your invoice.

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