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The first time we came across this art form that was a trip to Russia back in 1997, we have learned this traditional art of Russian punch embroidery was discovered within the small isolated villages of the Eastern Bloc countries. This art has been put aside for a long time until recently one of the punching artists from Instagram @bookhou, as well as many youtube videos like https://youtu.be/MG29PCNN0uc this traditional art form has come back after years of sleep, the exciting thing is after months of study and practise we have also created our own Token studio version, we find this art is therapeutic and the outcome is always amazing, we strongly recommend you to join us to practice and learn from this peaceful art.


During this 90 minutes session:

  • You will be showing how to use different types of punching needles, how to set up the needles and ready to punch.
  • How to choose the right fabric to fit your needles size, and how to stretch your fabric before punching.
  • The techniques and tips for doing the yarn Punching Art. 
  • How to design and prepare  patterns on the fabric

After this session, you can take your artwork with you together with the specially prepared punching needle, so you can continue your art journey. (depending on your project, we also offer clients to bring home some yarn which might be used in the project)  

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Yarn Punching Art Therapy Workshop

  • Thanks very much for your interest in attending one of our workshops or classes, before you book your session, please read these notes to avoiding disappointments and confusions. 

    1, Token Studio is running class and workshop every day throughout the week and weekend, you can book depends on your preference, however, you can always check the availability by calling or simply drop us a chat message on this website. 

    2, As soon as you book your class, please attend on time, you might be joining a group session, we have to start our workshop on time, if you are late more than 15 minutes, you won't be able to join the group.

    3, All classes and workshop must be paid in advance,  we want to make sure the workshop experience nice and smooth, we don't take payment between workshops or class.  

    4, If you would like to re-schedule your workshop or class, contact us 48 hours before, so we can offer your slot to other people on the waiting list.We can not offer the refund if you miss the workshop or late attendance. 

    5, If you have special requirements please like us know in advance, don't hesitate to ask, we will do as much as we can to offer the best service for you.