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If you have already enjoyed the super fun bath bombs making workshop in Token studio or you haven't got the chance to join us yet, purchasing this kit is a great way to creating the perfect Bathbombs at home, with all our years and years of experience and the fun we brought to this workshop, everything about making perfect Bath bombs are in this package. All our ingredients are UK sourced and freshly packed to every order, they are all food grade ingredients which is very safe for any skin type. Let's bring the craft fun to your home. 


Inside this kit, you will be receiving a full list of ingredients which are the same ones we use in our workshop including 4 key dry ingredients, as well as the exact amount of liquid ingredients, this is also a vegan-friendly recipe. Furthermore, you will also receive the rest of the secret ingredient and tools we need to use that makes your bath bombs super special. A printed instruction will also be inside your kit, all you need to perpar at home is a big mixing bowl. 

Natural Bathbomb Making Kit

£25.00 Regular Price
£19.00Sale Price
Colour Option
    • Thank you very much for your order, this craft kit includes freshly packed ingredient as well as custom personal choices, as soon as your order is placed our team will prepare your order up to your requests, due to this reason, we can not accept any returns as soon as the product has been shipped you. 
    • All our orders are packed after your payment has been received, please allow us 24 hours to prepare your order, we ship our product daily if you place your order before 13:00, you can request an urgent order that will dispatch on the same day.
    • If you have any problem following the instructions or anything about this kit you are not sure with, please contact us via email: info@tokenstudio.co.uk to get help.  
    • All our package are freshly packed, we strongly recommend that use them within 12 months to avoiding disappointments.