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When we look at the extremely luxurious and heavily crafted haute couture which presents the top level craftsmanship, will will never forget to mention the most famous French embroidery studio-Lesage 

Since 1858 this studio is running more than a decade, 2002, Lesage bonded with Chanel, the top 7 artisan craft brand, and what they are famous for, is exactly what we are learning in this workshop. 

French beaded crochet embroidery, this technique has been always practiced particularly for high-end dress to creating 3D, luxury and multi textured patterns. The materials can be various types, but open seen this technique on a lot of see through fabric like tulle and chiffon. 
During this 90 minutes workshop:
-You will be introduced to this craft from the history to what materials and tools you have to prepare
-you will be given inspirations to create your own pattern according to the types of stitches you are about to learn 
-finishing your pattern with multiple medias and accessories, like different types of beads, glitter, you can choose from making your work into ear rings, pin or leave the work on the fabric as home decor 
-in the end you will be giving tips and ideas how to practice and further your craft in the future and bigger scale, as well as how to add this craft to your dress too. 

All materials and tools are provided you can bring home whatever you have made in the session. 

Beaded 3D Tambour embroidery Workshop