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Dream Catchers, Originally created by American Indians, dreamcatchers now come in a variety of different sizes and styles. They usually consist of a small wooden hoop covered with a net or web of natural fibres, with meaningful sacred items like feathers and beads attached, hanging down from the bottom of the hoop. Real authentic, traditional dream catchers are handmade and crafted only from all natural materials, measuring just a few small inches across in size. During this workshop you will be able to have a taste of the Native American culture by creating a "real' dream catcher with a modern touch, why not let the good luck comes in styles? 


Workshop duration: 90mins 

Materials: We provide all the materials that will be able to complete one dream catcher, but if you would like to bring your own stone, crystal or feather, it's absolutely welcome, we all love to have some personal touch for our craft works. 

Creative Dream Catcher Workshop

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