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Expecting a baby or having a little one? We know exactly how you feel as Token Studio also has a token baby and a group of mothers who enjoy craft for their babies. Everything becomes more fun when you share with other people, especially when meeting other mums and mum-to-be.

This workshop is for crochet beginners and improvers, we will discuss how to create these cute baby booties as you see in the picture. We have plenty of colours you can choose from, and this workshop covers all the materials and tools you need to complete this cute baby project, any age baby is ok as we can adapt the size for your baby’s size.                                                                                                                                                

Token Craft Community is proudly providing the project-based workshop since 2018, you will be showing how to create this project step by step, and you don't have to bring anything, everything is covered by us, you can even decide your colours from our over 60 different shades. The best part is you will be able to visit the studio craft with new friends and professional tutors, as soon as you are committed to this project, there is no limit how many times you need to visit the studio, all you need to do is booking an appointment and join the family. Craft is more fun when you know there is always someone can help you through all the problems with step by step tutorials, so Don't craft alone with a computer screen or a piece of the confusing pattern, come to join us in the nice crafty environment and friendly people.

Baby Trainer Booties Crochet Workshop

  • 1, All classes and workshops have to be booked a minimum of two days in advance; Payment must be done before attending.


    2, We might not be able to guarantee urgent booking, especially for party reservations;


    3, If you have a voucher, please make sure you send us your voucher before place your booking. If you are booked from the 3rd party platforms, please make sure you bring your tickets with you.


    4, For all bookings, you must notify us of a cancellation or any changes to the number of guests at least 48 hours before your appointment. We are sorry to not be able to refund your payment if you did not cancel your space. If your booking from the 3rd party platform, you have to arrange your booking with them.


    5, Please arrive on time, if you are late more than 15 mins, you will not able to join the workshop which already started with other clients.


    Thank you very much for your understanding, wish you enjoy our class and workshop!