Frequently asked questions

How to book a session?

Go to the Home page, on the top part of the page, find the Booking button, click and enter, you can choose the workshop you wish to book, date & time and finish your payment, we will receive your request and issue your booking confirmation within 24 hours.
If you have already purchased a ticket or have a gift voucher, you can use the booking form on the bottom of the booking page, type in your ticket details, we will help you further once we reived your request.

How do I extend a voucher which about expires?

If you purchased a voucher or gift card, there is a chance it might be expired or about to expire, due to the national lockdown, please do not worry, simply the platform/website which issued your voucher or tickts, you can get the extension done without any issue.
The studio is only working with reliable and trustworthy companies, you won't be losing the chance to use your voucher/tickets in the studio, if you have any problem to extend your voucher, please inform us so we can help.

What happens if I could not make the booking I made?

If you are no longer able to attend your booking, please inform us as earliest as possible, so we can offer your space to the people who are on the waiting list. If you informed us less than 48 hours before the workshop happens, we can only reschedule your booking with £10 booking fee per person.

Can I host a Party in Token studio

Yes, you can, a party is always welcome. If you would like to arrange a party, please let us know as advanced as possible so we can keep other bookings clear from your important day. You can bring your drinks and snacks, hot food delivery is also possible. If you would like to arrange to decorate the studio before the party started, you can also arrange in via email.

When and How should I pick up the pottery I made?

Your pottery will be fired and glazed within 2-3 weeks, to save your waiting time, we will appreciate an email of the photo of the pot just 3 days before you decide to come in to collect, so we can locate it from thousands of pots, and warp them up before your arrival. Please make sure you arrange the visit, due to the current COVID-19 situation, we can only accept visitors by appointments.