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Meet Token Studio

Token Studio is created in 2012, Fulham, London. We have been successfully running Art, Craft and Music workshops and have been hosting thousands of exciting events like birthday party, hen party and corporate event. In 2019, the studio has fully upgraded to a brand new location in Tower Bridge, a fantastic creative space. 


The studio is created by Jing, MA Graduated from Chelsea College of Art and Design, an associate designer with Zaha Hadid architect, by doing art, design and education in her all life, she brought all the aspects from arts, craft and music, all workshop experience is original as well as using all-natural ingredients and recyclable materials, this makes us one of the kind, best event creator in the country.


Token studio's philosophy is not just limited at the crafts is about creating a style of living, more creative, less waste, more sustainably by lots of fun way of creating everyday products, most importantly we promise that we made the experience full of joy and inspiration.

Where to find us

Token Studio

Unit 1,

St, Saviours Wharf. 23 Mill Street